So who or what is TundraWare Inc. exactly?

We're a technology strategy and delivery company based near Chicago, Illinois in the US. We have global experience defining and implementing everything from high performance embedded systems to large enterprise class architectures.

Our core strength is in providing technology leaders and executives independent guidance. Modern business is deluged with new technology, outrageous claims, and, well, snakeoil. We like to say that we help technology leaders "distinguish the bull from the cowpatties."

We have no "strategic alliances" with any vendor because we believe that strategy advice cannot be honest if it is not independent. In fact, we are largely technology agnostic. We understand that assessing technology and architectures has to be done in the context of the existing business and its future goals. We tailor our technology advice in that light.

You may have noticed our web site is pretty minimalist. This is by intent and reflects one of our most deeply held beliefs: Most technology is far too complicated - unnecessarily so. Great business solves the right problem every time and it does so with the minimal set of tools required. We stand in direct opposition to an industry that has been hijacked with the technology "flavor of the month" and that has been overrun with complexity for its own sake.

If you're a technology executive or leader and need some serious advice from serious people, please contact us. We'd love to work with you to make your technology and business less complex, more focused, and more effective. You may reach us in several ways:

voice: +1 847.827.1706

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