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'mailfmt' is a Unix and Win32 tool for reformatting news and mail
messages.  It removes leading quotations strings (most often the '>'
character, but this is user selectable from the command line) and
wraps lines to a user specified width. This allows news or mail
messages which have been extensively forwarded and/or quoted to be
easily reformatted for ease of reading.

On Unix systems, 'mailfmt' reads from stdin and writes to stdout.

On Win32 systems, 'mailfmt' reads from the clipboard and then writes
the results to the clipboard. This is really handy if your are running
a GUI mail client. You cut the desired text (thereby placing it on the
clipboard). Then you run 'mailfmt' - this is best done with a keyboard
shortcut - Then paste back to your mail client and, voila!, your text
has been reformatted.

On Win32 systems, the input and output can be reassigned to stdin and
stdout using command line options.

There are two files here. The file ending in 'tar.gz' contains the
'mailfmt' script and documentation. This script can be executed by a
standard Python interpreter on *nix or Win32. (It might even work on a
Mac, but I've never tried it. I would expect it to work on Mac OS X
which is basically FreeBSD *nix in disguise.)

The file with the '' ending is Win32 executable (.EXE)
file. If you don't want to bother installing Python on your Win32
machine, just copy the files in this zip archive into a directory
somewhere in your path and it should run as-is without Python