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'tbku' is a utility for producing "tarball" backups of some- or all of
your files. It is useful both for producing incremental backups or for
systemwide images or "snapshots". The tool can be run either from the
command line or, more typically, as a cron job to automate system
backup tasks.

'tbku' can also be used to capture system images which can then later
be used to (re)provision other machines.  The distribution includes
explanations of how to "image" systems from a tarball produced with
'tbku', using FreeBSD and SUSE Linux as examples.

'tbku' uses standard utilities common on Unix-like systems, like
'tar', 'sed', and 'uname'. It uses no other special or custom
tools. For this reason, it is highly portable across many variants of
these systems.

'tbku' was originally developed as a backup tool for FreeBSD
servers. Since then, it has been updated to also work with various
Linux flavors.  'tbku' should work with little- or no modification on
any other Unix-like system. For example, 'tbku' will run without
modification (other than default locations) in a cywgin environment
under MS-Windows.

There is no charge for the use of 'tbku', but please take a moment to
read the licensing terms.