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'trm' - A Safer Delete Utility

'trm' is a shell program that can be run as a standalone utility or
loaded as a callable shell function.  It is similar to the common 'rm'
utility, except that - instead of deleting the specified files - it
merely moves them to a "graveyard" for future disposition.

You can think of 'trm' as "Recycle Bin" for the command line, with one
important difference: It supports delete versioning.  Every time you
delete something with it, the file- or directory you specified goes
into the graveyard with a unique datetime "serial number".  This means
that, as you delete things over time, different versions of the same
file or directory are maintained in the graveyard... which can save
your hide when you accidentally tell the keyboard the wrong thing to do.

Don't want to trust your deletes to some shell program?  Fine.  You
can use 'trm' to make versioned *copies* in the graveyard, and leave
the originals alone.