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'tsshbatch' is a server automation tool to enable you to issue commands
to many servers without having to log into each one separately. When
writing scripts, this overcomes the 'ssh' limitation of not being able to
specify the password on the command line.

'tsshbatch' has a sophisticated inventory management system (host
files) as well as a mechanism for organizing libraries of standard
jobs (command files).  Both local and global variables may be defined
and/or used in either.

'tsshbatch' also understands basic 'sudo' syntax and can be used
to access a server, 'sudo' a command, and then exit.

'tsshbatch' thus allows you to write complex, hands-off scripts that
issue commands to many servers without the tedium of manual login and
'sudo' promotion. System administrators, especially, will find this
helpful when working in large server farms.

'tsshbatch' is written in Python and requires the 'paramiko library.
It has been tested on various Linux and FreeBSD variants.

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