Craftsman Tablesaw Modifications

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My trusty old Craftsman tablesaw seems to have less and less Sears components in it as the years go by. I replaced the blade with a Forrest Woodworker II. The right wing got replaced by a custom made router table. The piece-of-junk fence got replaced with an Incra router fence that also doubles as tablesaw fence. I wired a couple of 4-outlet boxes onto the side of the thing to power a variety of tools. I added a dust collection bag. Most recently, I built a folding outfeed table that attaches to the back of the saw.

Is is a "fine cabinet saw"? No. But with limited space and some ingenuity, I manage to do a fair bit of useful woodworking with it. At the end of the day, a tablesaw needs a good flat top surface, a sharp blade, and an excellent fence. This lowly Craftsman now has all three and has given me hours of happy sawdust production...